laundry2Typically a Commercial Laundry 

• Will consume 3 gallons of fresh water to process each pound of linens.
• Consume up to 30% of the total energy bill.
• Use environmentally damaging chemicals like Chlorine, Alkali, Acid, harsh detergents, etc.
• High levels of toxic chemicals, high in BOD, COD.
• It’s primarily
“Energy Intensive”,
“Water Intensive”,
“Labour Incentives”
Leading to “Cost & Environmental Impact”.


Eliminate Hot Water

By switching to our green Ozone laundry system, you can cut your hot water usage by 90% and your dryer energy usage by 50%. This reduction in resource consumption will be a dramatic indicator of just how green your laundry facility has become.

Low Carbon foot print:

Our Ozone Generator system eliminating the need for hot water in laundry operations will greatly reduce the amount of Carbon released into the atmosphere. In a typical laundry, 70% of that water is heated. For every 1,000 pounds of linen, you will use 3,000 gallons of water of which 2,100 gallons will be heated.
The amount of energy required to dry the linen is roughly equivalent to the amount of energy required to heat the water. If it takes roughly 1.75 million Btu’s to heat the water to wash 1,000 pounds of linens, on average it will take 1.75 million Btu’s to dry the linens. That means processing just 1,000 pounds of linen with conventional laundering methods will consume over 3.5 million Btu’s to complete the job.

Shorter Wash Cycles

By eliminating some of the steps in a wash program, you eliminate the time required to complete those steps. Our Ozone Generator laundry systems allow you to shorten wash programs by a minimum of 30%. This leads to a sizable water and labor savings.

Shorter Drying Times

Our Green Laundry Ozone Generator System boosts extract efficiency and lowers water retention. Less water in the linens going to the dryers means it takes less time to dry them. This adds up to a huge savings in labor and energy.

Low Water Footprint

Our Green Laundry Ozone Generator System will allow you to reduce the amount of water you use each day to process your linens. A 1,000 room hotel with traditional laundering methods will use close to 100,000 gallons of water per day to clean its linens (3gal/lb, 30lb/room).

Huge Labor Savings

Our Green Laundry Ozone Generator System when integrated properly can drastically reduce the amount of labor required to process linens as compared to traditional methods. Our Green System has measurably shorter wash cycles than traditional wash cycles due to the fact that some of the old, unnecessary steps in the wash process have been eliminated.

Green Chemicals

Ozone is truly a green laundry chemical. Ozone is a clean gas made entirely of pure oxygen ample available all around us. No storage of hazardous chemicals required on site at your facility any more. Big reservoirs of Chlorine, Alkali and Acid are no longer needed because ozone will be doing most of the dirty work.

Simplest integration & installation in your system

Our Green Laundry Ozone Generator Systems should only be connected to the existing water lines going to your washers & the equipment can be installed next to the washers or in the next room if need be. Green Wastewater
A typical laundry produces wastewater that is high in BOD (biological oxygen demand – food for bacteria) high in COD (chemical oxygen demand) and low in DO (dissolved oxygen).The high BOD, COD and low DO are all counter-productive to what they are trying to accomplish down at the local wastewater treatment plant. They are trying to lower the BOD and COD and raise the DO so when they discharge the water, it won’t damage the receiving stream’s water habitat. Or put more simply, it won’t kill the fish!
In our Green Laundry Ozone Generator System, the ozone replaces most of the chemicals needed to provide a superior finished product. Ozone, being made purely of oxygen, first oxidizes and destroys odours, stains, bacteria, viruses, parasites, cysts, oils and greases and reduces them to carbon dioxide, inert material and water.

Elimination of the BOD & COD and raising of DO

The laundry wastewater will actually benefit the process down at the local wastewater treatment plant.
Reuse of Laundry Water
Our Green Laundry Ozone Generator System will have high quality effluent because the majority of polluting chemicals have been removed from the process. The absence of or extreme reduction in the use of these chemicals will allow you to inexpensively reuse the vast majority of water you would normally send down the drain.
With our experience & understanding of wastewater remediation, we decided to create a water recycling system to work in consort with our ozone laundry systems. We knew from experience that the ozone would truly scour the water of contaminants and by using ozone instead of the traditional chemical soup in your laundry, you would have already eliminated one of the major road blocks to recycling your laundry water. With the proper filtration methods used in conjunction with ozone, we can recycle & reuse most of the water you would normally send down the drain after only a single use.

Despite of the advantage of Ozone Generator Technology, it this is not used in all Laundry System
It is not just having the technology or ozone generator. The effectiveness of this technology is its implementation. The key is to get the proper dose of dissolved Ozone to the wash wheel when needed at the beginning of the wash cycle. Our Green Laundry Ozone Generator Systems’ primary role is to produce water with a high level of dissolved ozone and have enough of it available at all times to satisfy washer demands.
And today our success is because we have mastered this art.

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