Instant hot water taps


  • NO more  waiting   for  hot  water
  • NO  heavy electricity consumption
  • NO  need   of   water  tanks   for  hot water
  • Any  time  hot water  or   cold   water   from   the   same   tap
  • Investment   is  very  less   compared  to  existing  water  heaters
  • Negligible  maintenance
  • CE certified   manufacturing
  • Easy  operation just   like  common tap

Instant hot water shower-tank less

JPEG31-278x300CE instant electric water heater details:

1. Specification of CE instant electric water heater
1) Rated power: 6kw/8kw/10kw/12kw/15kw/18kw/21kw/24kw/27kw
2) Rated voltage: 110V/220V-240V
3) Frequency: 60Hz
4) Optional Colour: white
5) Dimension: 198*160*98mm

2. Features of Mini CE instant electric water heater

1) On-demand hot water – never runs out
2) Reduce water heating costs by as much as 50%
3) Compact design saves space, luxury IMD (In – Mould Decoration) front cover
4) Far less likely to leak or rupture
5) Substantially reduces risk of scalding injuries to children and elderly
6) Maintains efficiency throughout its service life
7) Less prone to hard water, sediment, or mineral problems
8 ) Long service life!

Multi function steam cleaning and  sterilizing system


Bathing water  oxidizer for  hygiene AND SOFT WATER

jpeg7-300x223•Possesses strong oxidizing power and requires short reaction time, which enables the germs including viruses, to be killed within a few seconds
•Produces no taste and odor.
•Increases the Oxygen content in the water after disinfecting.
•Requires no additional chemicals.
•Oxidizes Iron and manganese.
•Destroys and removes algae
•Reacts with and removes all organic matter.
•Decays rapidly in water, avoiding any undesirable residual effects.
•Removes color, taste, odor and Aids coagulation.



Bore well/SUMP water purifier/ oxidiZer /SOFTNER-NATURAL WAY

When ozone is applied, as a gas, for drinking water treatment, it is done primarily because of its excellent oxidative strength. This powerful oxidation potential allows ozone to be effective in the reduction or elimination of color, after taste and odor, all of which may be fundamental problems associated with a specific water supply. More importantly, ozone will effectively destroy bacteria and inactivate viruses more rapidly than any other disinfectant chemical.

Ozone is also very effective in oxidizing heavy metals. Iron and manganese can be reduced to very low, safe levels in water supplies through ozone oxidation. When properly applied at the start of a water treatment process, ozone will not lead to the formation of halogenated compounds such as Tri halo methanes (THM’s) which are formed when chlorine is added to the raw water.

The Main Effects of Ozonization of Drinking Water

· Iron and Manganese Removal : – The standard oxidation-reduction potential and reaction rate of ozone is such that it can readily oxidize iron and manganese present in the raw water and in water with low organic content.

While Iron and Manganese don’t pose health problems, but water contaminated by iron and manganese can stain water fixtures and clothing that is washed with this water. Chlorine can also be used for oxidation of iron and manganese, but significantly more chlorine is required versus ozone. This is due to the fact that ozone has an oxidation potential 150 times greater than chlorine. The use of chlorine can also result in the formation of THM’s if organic material is present in the water.

Ozone oxidizes Iron from Fe (II) to Fe (III). Fe (III) hydrolyzes to Fe (OH3) which precipitates to a solid form which can be filtered. The oxidation reaction requires 0.43 mg of ozone per mg of Fe (II). Excess ozone can be used without negative effect. Fe oxidizes in the pH range of 6-9. Ozone oxidizes Mn (II) to MnO2 (Mn IV) which is insoluble and can be filtered out of water. The oxidation reaction requires 0.88 mg of ozone per mg of Mn (II). Excess ozone beyond this ratio will form soluble Mn (VII), permanganate. If oxidizable organic material is present in the water and there is sufficient contact time, permanganate will be reduced back to MnO2 (Mn IV). Manganese oxidation is most effective around a pH of 8. In general, when organic materials are present in water, more ozone will be required than the amount shown above since ozone will also oxidize these materials.     Taste and Odor Removal : – Odor and taste in drinking water can be due to have several reasons. Odor and taste forming compounds can be present in raw water, but they can also be formed during water treatment. . Odor and taste forming compounds are often very resistant. This causes elimination to be a very intensive process. For the elimination of taste and odor, several processes can be appropriate such as oxidation, aeration, granular active carbon (GAC) filtration or sand filtration. Usually, a combination of these techniques is applied.Ozone can oxidize compounds in a range of 20-90% (dependent on the type of compound). Ozone is more effective for the oxidation of unsaturated compounds. As was the case for the oxidation of pesticides,

•Removal of Organic and Inorganic Matter : – All water resources contain natural organic matters (NOM). Concentrations (usually measured as dissolved organic carbon, DOC) differ from 0.2 to more than 10 mg. NOM creates direct problems, such as odor and taste in water, but also indirect problems such as organic disinfection byproduct formation, support of bacterial regrowth in the distribution system, etc. To produce pure drinking water, the removal of NOM is a prior task in modern water treatment.
Ozone, like any other oxidant, seldom achieves a complete mineralization of NOM. Organic matter is partly oxidized and becoming more easily biodegradable. This result in a higher amount of BDOC (Biodegradable DOC), As a result ozone improves the removal process of NOM by a subsequent filter, when it is used as a pre-oxidant. In a research, the effect of ozone in combination with a biological filter is described. The combined treatment resulted in a reduction of DOC by 40-60%. The removal is even greater when ozone is used in combination with a coagulant. This is because ozone can enhance the coagulation process. The combination coagulation-ozone-bio filtration results in a DOC reduction by 64%. When only bio filtration was applied, the reduction rate was only 13%. The optimal concentration to remove organic matter by ozone was at an ozone dose of O3/DOC = 1 mg/mg.
Most inorganic matters can be eliminated by ozone quite fast. After Ozonation, bio filtration is also required for inorganic matter. Namely, oxidation forms unsoluble compounds that need to be removed during the next water purification stage.
•Removal of Disinfection By-Products : – Disinfection byproducts (DBP) are mainly formed during the reaction between organic material and a disinfectant. The reaction of chlorine with matter can lead to the formation of chlorinated organic DBP’s, such as Trihalomethanes (THM). Ozone can also react with organic matter and form DBP’s. These are mainly organic disinfection byproducts, such as aldehydes and ketones, which can be easily degraded in a bio filter (90-100%). Generally, this organic ozone DBP’s do not form risk of violation of drinking water standards, when ozone is used as a pre-oxidant.
To reduce the amount of DBP’s at a conventional disinfection system (disinfection by chlorine) it is important that potential to form DBP’s remains low. This is often expressed as DBP formation potential (DBPFP). The potential to form DBP’s can be reduced by the removal of (most of the) NOM, for example by pre-oxidation with ozone (ozone-filtration). This combination can lower the DBPFP by 70-80% when chlorine is used as a final disinfectant. This concerns the DBPFP for THM’s, HAA (haloacetic acids) and chloral hydrate.
Ozone is a more effective disinfectant than chlorine, chloramines and even chlorine dioxide. An ozone dose of 0.4 mg for 4 minutes is usually effective for pre-tested water. Several studies proved that ozone, unlike chlorine products, can deactivate resistant micro-organisms.
•Removal of Pesticides : – Micro-pollutants such as pesticides may occur in surface water, but also increasingly in groundwater. Drinking water standards for pesticides in the European Union are strict.
Several surveys show that ozone can be very effective for the oxidation of several pesticides. It is proved that three barriers (storage-ozonation-granular active carbon filter) are effective and safe enough for the removal of pesticides. From 23 tested pesticides, 90% were degraded sufficiently (80% degradation). For highly resistant pesticides, a higher dosage of ozone is advised, or ozone combined with hydrogen peroxide.



Ozone Generator can be directly  convert tap water to ozonated water, it can be power by 2 way, self power by directly connected to any normal tap and it is powered by integrated hydroelectric generator (Patented Technology), or external power adaptor if water pressure is low.

Model: XH-Y007
Input voltage: Hydropower for Tapwater
Rated power: 3W
Ozone output: Max 70mg/hr
Ozone concentrations: 0.15-0.3ppm
Mains rated pressure: 0.13-0.45Mpa
Max waterflow rate: 2.5-6 LPM
Working water temperature: ≤40º C
Product weight: 306g
Product dimensions: 130 x 106 x 70 mm


1.Eliminate organic pesticide and bacteria by washing vegetable and fruit
2.Preserving food
3.Eliminate fishy smell
4.Eliminate bacteria and virus by washing hand table ware,kitchen ware,feeding-bottle, toys and even washing clothing and floor
5.Deodorize the smell from pet by using ozonated water to wash pet
6.Keep oral hygiene,deodorize bad breath and make teeth white
7.Prolong life for fresh flower
8.Make face abd skin more softer and more beautiful


jpeg8There are several water contaminants that can cause hair loss. One is selenium, which is an element found in other ores. Most commonly, this element gets into the water system from run-off from petroleum refineries and from mine discharge. However, this element is also found in compounds that make photocopier equipment. According the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the best way to remove this element is by a reverse osmosis water filter.
Another metal that can cause hair loss is mercury. This element, also found in fish, can also be eliminated from water by a RO filter. Experts know that hair loss can be attributed to hair loss, but they aren’t exactly sure why. If hair loss is being experience and one is a sushi addict, it may be best to steer clear of seafood. However, if hair loss is occurring in someone who does not consume fish regularly, it may be time to get the water checked for mercury. Mercury poisoning can also be detected by nausea, a metallic taste in the mouth, difficulty concentrating, weak spells, dizzy spells, tingling sensations in the hands and feet, unexplained headaches and fatigue. All of these can point to too much mercury coming from the tap.
Lead poisoning, among many other things, can also cause hair loss. Water traveling from old lead pipes to the shower head may be a prescription for hair loss. Zinc is also a contributor. So is aluminum. There are also literally ways to poison your hair: traces of arsenic and thallium in water can also cause hair to fall out. It should be noted that while losing hair is often a difficult experience, many of these contaminants can also cause damaging health effects.

So, to keep your head of hair thick and healthy, be sure to be washing it with the purest water possible. And in the meantime, you could also be protecting yourself from serious disease!

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