pharma1Ozone provides a safe, highly effective and energy efficient method of protecting pharmaceutical process water systems against microbiological activity in the water and biofilm contamination in the water system. Ozone treatment ensures that the microbiological quality of the water and system hygiene are maintained within the most stringent water quality standards without the need for heat sterilization or the use of chemical disinfectants.

Benefits of Ozone for Pharmaceutical Process Water Systems

• Ozone destroys all bacteria, biofilms and viruses, etc.
• Ozone destroys and removes biofilm.
• The presence of Ozone in water is readily measured and verified using standard instrumentation and chemical test procedures.
• Ozone will not react with the process water to form any bi-products.
• Ozone being a form of oxygen is both safe and controllable.
• Produced at point of use using electricity and air. The hazards associated with the handling, storage, disposal of toxic and polluting chemicals / containers is eliminated.

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