slimmingObesity (the more excess fat we carry, the more deficient in oxygen we become) 
Drinking ozonated water can help to regulate Ph balance throughout the entire body ,reflexes, regulate metabolism and trigger fat burning, improve digestive health, heart and circulatory system,Once in the blood, ozone reacts with fatty acids and the cell membranes of erythrocytes. Ozone’s reaction at the membrane starts glycolysis, the breakdown of fats. This increases ATP, which is the energy system in the body. This, in turn, carries and releases oxygen molecules. More oxygen in the system enables the organism to do a variety of things, since the body thrives on oxygen. “Most microbes are anaerobic; they thrive without oxygen, and cannot live in the presence of added oxygen in the bloodstream. The ozone and the fatty acid cell membrane then do a reaction that occurs at that membrane which creates peroxide. A lot of destructive processes that go on are due to an accumulation of peroxide. That’s why antioxidants are so important, in not only ozone treatment but in day-to-day living, because of all the environmental pollution that occurs. When that happens, it creates an increase in peroxides that go unchecked. What happens is that when these peroxides accumulate within the cell, there’s an increased production of a specific biochemical called 23DPG diphosphoglycerate, which enables oxygen to be released from the haemoglobin molecule. “Now all of a sudden we’re freeing up more oxygen from the haemoglobin molecule. Haemoglobin carries oxygen. Now, we’ve got all this oxygen released going throughout our vascular system and it has antimicrobial, antiviral activity.