swimOzone swimming pool technology sanitizes pool water by utilizing the natural sterilizing action that is produced when oxygen molecules are broken apart to produce ozone. The ozone is then forced into the swimming pool water, where it oxidizes any contaminates, before returning to its natural state, oxygen.

Ozone (O3) is basically oxygen (O2), with an extra oxygen atom that is produced by passing air over a specific ultraviolet (UV) light or through corona discharge (high voltage). Ozone is one of the strongest oxidation agents available and will bind quickly to every component that it contacts.

Because ozone binds so quickly and has a short half life, ozone does not leave residue in swimming pools or spas. This causes two important problems: it is very difficult to measure swimming pool water sanitization without expensive equipment and there is no sanitizing effect in the swimming pool once the pump is turned off.


• Powerful oxidation naturally sanitizes swimming pools and spas.
• Ozone systems use fewer swimming pool chemicals.
• Oxidation is safe, natural, and leaves no residue after oxidation.
• Oxidation tends to clean “scum” line left on a pool.
• Oxidation saves money on chemicals over time.

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